Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lag Time Due to Injury

I am a little behind on my blogging efforts due to an accident on Saturday evening. My son was next door playing with his best friend and suddenly, another neighbor girl came to the window saying that my son, J, was hurt. My husband and I jumped up, muttered an obscenity under our breaths and ran to the backyard. J was lying on the ground, our neighbor next to him with an ice pack. He couldn't get up so A had to carry him back to our house. I took a quick look at him, realized something was very wrong, noticing at the same time he was FILTHY. I knew he wouldn't be able to take a shower after he got home from the hospital so I quickly stripped him, put him in the shower (not an easy task for a boy who is 60 lbs!) and quickly washed him down. I was making mental notes about the severity of the injury as I was quickly soaping him up. He couldn't feel his arm- not a good sign. He didn't stop crying- also not a good sign since he rarely cries due to an injury more than 10 minutes. He was cold and then hot- shock- not a good sign. Finally, when I was washing him, he didn't care- for a boy and a mother, that worried me the most. I told A that he needed to take J to the Urgent Care and I stayed home with L who is 2. A kept me updated and when they returned home, it was with J in a soft cast and the diagnosis of a fractured humerus above the elbow.

We went to the Ortho Dr. yesterday and he told us that the position of the fracture means it is easy to displace and should J displace it even slightly, we would be looking at surgery and pins in the bone. That scared J and I enough to make rules regarding everything physical.

So, my wild and crazy ADHD 7 year old is not allowed to run, jump, jog, kick, twist, or do anything physical if 6 weeks. 6 WEEKS!!! I don't know how we are going to survive! But, he is brave and he has been tired and actually sat down and watched TV for more than an hour yesterday. I was SHOCKED!! I will get back to my regular routine tomorrow when I go back to work and back to creating things for my classroom and coming up with ideas and topics. But for right now, J has needed my attention and I got to get those snuggles in before he grows up and it is too late for a Mama and J snuggle sess.
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