Monday, April 22, 2013

Using Google Docs

/>Google Docs is one of the best sources of modeling during writing instruction.

I can be at my desk and looking at my student's writing as it happens. This means I can go through each essay, highlight areas that need attention, comment to provide leading questions to help further their thought process, strike through areas that are not needed, and provide "how to" guides for paragraph organization and requirements.

What does this mean for my students?

This means that they can sit at their desk and, in real-time, see their mistakes and how to fix them. Instead of writing an essay turning it in, waiting for the teacher to grade it, having it handed back to them, sitting down AGAIN to re-write it and then beginning the whole process over again, they can see what they are doing wrong and immediately fix it.

Google Docs also has an area for creating forms for assessment that will automatically filter the answers, GRADE the answers, and present you with a filled out assessment sheet that details what students know and what they need additional time and instruction on. It is a life saver when you have a large class and need to quickly see if you can move on to the next topic or if you need to spend a little extra time providing additional information.

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