Monday, July 8, 2013

The Most Amazing Surprise I NEVER Saw Coming!

I love my kids. I really, truly do and when everyone ooooohhhhssss and aaaaaahhhhhhsss about them, I usually agree. I can even get on board with the Mom's who say that they love spending time with my kids- because I do- every other day... But there are definitely times when I see our friend's posts on Facebook and they are in Paris or Germany, Greece, and Italy, and I think, "Man, I would love to ditch the kids and just GO- as in Do Not Pass Go- Do Not Collect $200" kinda go. But then I turn around for four millionth time in 5 minutes to tell (Or yell...whatever) to "STOP!!" and remember that they are (CAN BE WHEN THEY WANT TO BE) nice and sweet and cuddly and don't make me want to tear my hair out ever day.

So here is my conundrum- my parents booked a trip from Paris to Amsterdam last year as a tandem bike ride vacation. They are 71 and 66 respectively and my dad rides about 65 miles a week while doing Pilates and working with a trainer at least 3x a week. (Yes he is crazy but not weird) This trip would have been their forth tandem bike trip they have gone on and they have loved every minute. They actually payed for this trip last year but when the chance came up to have his knees replaced, he jumped at it and decided to go under the knife for a bilateral knee replacement on April 18th. We didn't think he would be able to recover fast enough to go on this trip so they decided to tell the company to release their room and they would forfeit the deposit. We then went ahead with plans to rent a house on Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe for a family vacation during that same time period.

We were all set to go to Tahoe and I had gone ahead and planned our route because you really can't travel with an ADHD seven year old and a 2 1/2 year old and go for 9 straight hours. Well...some can, mine can't. I have anxiety something fierce and I have been planning this trip for 6 months- I banked on it, was prepared for it, started coming up with games and ideas for the kids to play during the time in the car and even booked places to gold pan on our way up there. '

But two days ago- our entire plan changed...

My parents called and asked if WE wanted to go on the trip and THEY would take the kids and push back Tahoe until next summer. Ummmmm.......YES PLEASE!!!!

So we are leaving California on July 30th and traveling to Paris and then catching a train to Stausborg, France. We stay a night in Strausborg and then meet up with other couples and board this boat:

And get to sleep in this suite:

And then travel through France, Germany, Switzerland, and land in Amsterdam. We will spend two nights in Amsterdam, taking a tour through the Heineken Brewery:

And see paintings by Van Gogh:

It is such an amazing dream come true. I am still extremely anxious about leaving my kids. They are a pain in the rear end but I love them so much and I know I will miss the heck out of them. Thankfully, they are very familiar with my parents and trust them completely. My parents have a pool in the backyard and they can swim when they get home from camp and school. They are also planning a trip to Sea World and Legoland water park. I know the kids will LOVE that and they are also going to the beach for the day. So, they will be loved and cared for, spoiled rotten and probably happy little clams. I will just miss squeezing them and kissing them goodnight. BUT- I get some quality time to hug and kiss my husband goodnight, and THAT is something special!

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