Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Ocean is My Medicine...


This is my medicine. This sound, this smell, this beauty. This is where I come to feel 100% me. I have been a lover of the beach since I was old enough to sit by myself and feel the sand go through my fingers. It was the most soothing feeling I had ever felt and I still feel this way.

See- I have sensory processing disorder, as does my son. To be able to enjoy the beach and enjoy the sand is a huge thing for us, but something that we both LOVE. I hate the aftermath of the feeling of sand in my toes and I can't touch anything until I wash my hands with soap and get the salt water off, but man...those days at the beach are better than anything else in the entire world.

We went to the beach today and our little family had the best time with my cousin and her fiance. My son was able to learn more about skim boarding, my son and I were able to indulge our obsession with finding shells, my daughter was able to just hang out and play in the water, and my husband was able to enjoy himself. As for me...I took everything in, keeping the restorative experience in my memory for when life gets to be too much and I need a mental break. The beach is my break. It is the natural medicine for my soul. I pray that some day, some how, we can manage to come here permanently.
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