Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Student in Court Tomorrow

I have a 16 year old student who came into my class toward the end of last year. He had gotten in trouble with the law and needed a place where he was academically challenged but with small classes and with teachers who cared about his success. 

Immediately, I saw his potential and started to create a connection with him. Surprisingly, he opened up with me from the beginning and we have built a foundation of respect and mutual care and concern. Tomorrow, he is going to court to stand in front of a judge and ask for leniency in his sentencing and a chance to do something else with his life. He has the potential to be amazing and I hope that he judge recognizes his efforts to change and improve his position in life. 

We were asked by the school counselor to write about how he is doing in class and how well he has adjusted to life at our school. Some of the other teachers don't particularly like him or get the fact that he hasn't had anyone in his life who can provide a support system and teach him about the world outside drugs and gangs and a rough life in a rough part of town. 

I hope he is able to swallow his pride and be apologetic and honest about how his actions and choices have affected his life to this point and what he has learned from this experience at our school. Because honestly, he can go anywhere and do anything but he needs to be shown what is out there.
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