Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I See You

I am who I am
            You say
I can’t, won’t, don’t know how to change
            You say
I am hard
I am strong
I am somebody
            You say

But I see through you
little one
Sitting there on the dirty
orange carpet with no milk
In the fridge
Tears running down your face
Terror in your eyes
Blood in your mouth

I see you
Baby child with no food
Trying to fit in
A mother or father to provide
Food, love, or
A chance to make it
A chance to survive

I see you
Dreaming about becoming
Somebody special
Becoming a man
Becoming the hero
Becoming different than
The expectation, the rule
What they think you should be

I see you, little boy
With your
Fear of being hit
Fear of being left behind
Fear of fear itself, that unmanly
Emotion that you can’t feel no matter
How much you feel it.
Fear, the shame of feeling
The shame that men can’t feel
Can’t trust, can’t run from

I see you
Crying out for love
For something different
For a future
I see you
I acknowledge you
I care about you
I see you
Not as you see yourself
But I see you…I see you

As the someone you will be
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