Saturday, June 8, 2013

First Elementary Project- J Inspired!

If you have kids then you know the typical words heard about 5 million times during the summer- "Mom- I'm BBBBBOOOOOORRRRRREEEEEEEDDDDDDD" They like to string that word out as many syllables as possible just in case you couldn't understand their sentiment when they said it quickly. (That or they have inside knowledge about how to make mothers go absolutely insane!!) I have heard this phrase so many times that if I paid myself in massages each time I heard it, I would be the most relaxed person on the planet. In an effort to prevent this phrase from taking over my life this summer, I decided to create a fun, interactive, and versatile packet with lines for writing, space for drawing, unique graphics and pictures, "How to" guides for gardening and making popsicles and so much more. It was my first attempt at anything elementary and I thought I would create it just to see what I could do and where I could go with it and maybe get my kid interested in something other than making me crazy.


 It will be free from today until Monday, June 10, 2013. Come take a look, download, and tell me what you think!!
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