Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Top 3 Reasons I Want to Run and Hide During the First Two Weeks of School

#1- My anxiety riddled son has a VERY hard time adjusting to a new routine. For him, routine is everything and since he can't tell time very well, he depends on what he is expecting to happen next based on a tight routine. So when we change from camp to school, it trips him out and creates a much more difficult environment to keep him calm. The first two weeks of school are the worst. Really...if I could fly to an alternate universe and come back after the storm is over, I would.

#2- When he gets set off, it sets me off too and I have to struggle harder than usual to keep myself in a calm, understanding place where I can guide him but still be compassionate and accepting of his quirks that seem to blossom into gigantic issues overnight.

#3- Why in the every loving hell is it so so so HOT the first two weeks of school. Today is the hottest day of the ENTIRE year and living in a 1921 bungalow without insulation or central AC during a 100+ degree heat wave makes me want to stab the first person who touches me and slimes against me with a sharpened spork.

I'm the surly teenager....
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